Best -R Media for Pioneer 106D Now?

I’m looking to stock up a bit on good/decent < $0.50 media for my Pioneer 106D. Yeah, I know I may as well upgrade given how cheap drives are, but the Pioneer has served me well and I don’t mind 4x speed. I’ve been getting excellent burn quality and reliability with ProdiscS03 (200 discs with maybe 2 coasters, both my fault), but 4x -R Prodiscs are having inconsistent media codes lately (MCC mostly) and even flaking out a bit when they are S03’s. I’m not sure I trust Ritek anymore either.

I have good access at the moment to MCC 02RG20 and what I believe are MXL RG03. Unfortunately, the older Pioneers don’t seem to handle some new 8x media very well. My questions are:

[li]Is there a reliable source of good ProdiscS03’s?
[/li][li]Do discs like TYG02 have the same issues as other 8x media with the 106D, and are they worth $0.50/disc?
[/li][li]If no to both of the above, what media should I be buying for the 106D?

It would help if you mention where you are at.
Any old Memorex 4x -R would do just fine for you. Maxell 4x -R would also be great. These can still be easily found on store shelves, but ordering online will be a crap shoot because they often substitute 8x media.

Hmm since DVD-info pro has added scanneing I could do a quick test on some Plextor (TYG02’s that I got )

Still it’s doubfull at the moment how reliable the Pioneer drives are when it comes to a more overall conclusion about quality. There are some results contradicting each other ! Some stuff looks really nice ! but some others make me think. It seems that Pioneer had a good reason when they wanted to hold back on support of it.

Also if quality really is horrible we migh give a nock on the door at pioneer to see if there still interested in doing something of solving this. I know Plextor did this in some occasions for there drives. So why not Pioneer ?

I’m in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, so I have access to all the typical chain stores except Staples.

I decided to give Maxell a go based on the suggestion and the good deal at Office Depot this week ($20 50pk). All the spindles I could find were labled “Made in Taiwan.” Turns out they’re Ritek G04’s. I guess I’ll give them another chance. Hopefully these are the good Riteks.

Yeah, I do wish Pioneer would step up support a bit. I just read that the NEC 1300 got a serious firmware update including strategies for lots of 8x media. Maybe the 106D is a dead product in terms of sales, but this lack of support will definitely steer me away from Pioneer and towards companies with long-term support when I buy my next burner.

It should be quite good Riteks since Maxell does not buy the cheapest from the cheapest.

Yeah, they’re turning out well so far. When Riteks are good, they’re good. That’s better than my typical ProdiscS03 scan in peak error rate and on par in everything else.

If Ritek didn’t sell off their low-grade discs and allow other brands to remarket them, they probably wouldn’t have picked up such a reputation for spottiness.

I’m about to order 100 Verbatims DVD-R 8x with MCC02RG20 id to use with my Pioneer 106D.
I don’t know if i’m doing the right thing.

Please help me as soon as possible! :sad:

Where are you at and how much are you paying? If you are in the US you may want to try your local Best Buy and grab some 25 pack DVD-R or DVD+R for $9.99. Check the packaging and buy the ones that say Made in Japan on them. You’ll get the Taiyo Yuden media code.

No, I’m in Italy.
If you can suggest the best medias on this drive, I’ll try searching those.
I don’t care about price.
I’m also interested in Riteks G04 printable. Would they be good?


The 106D has been very good with G04. Any decent 4x media that you can find will work pretty well, maybe better than most 8x media.

Ordered just few mins ago.

(P.S. Hahaha! Your avatar is very :cool: )