Best +R for 451s@832s CG3B/E other than ricohjpnr01s?



just been getting inconsistent burns from the ricohs i got from NE (red cake box)… just wondering, need to test to see its not my burner. wondering what there is as far as an alternate +R media at a good price, and where to get them at. TIA for your suggestions.


Prodisc R02/R03’s burn good, so do InfoDisc R10/R20’s, Yuden T01/T02’s, some of OptoDisc R04’s, and many others i bet, as long as you burn them at rated speed, and sometimes do some strat swappings :slight_smile:


high-rated site to get those at? TIA


Please see the FAQ; there is a thread about what media to use.

Prodiscs are nice and cheap. There are MCC003 discs manufactured by Prodisc, and these are nice and cheap. I have to disagree with the Infodisc and Optodisc, though.
In the USA, and are good.


@code… which FAQ? =p do you have a link to it? seems to be tons of em out there in this site ^^


Come on, just have a look at the thread titles of the sticky threads (Read first:) you see each time you visit this forum at the top of the thread list and take the one with FAQ in the title.


simple link would have done it ^^ …


whats up w/ this though … …its freakin’ $21.00 now RIDATA 4X DVD+R 4.7G 50PK, Model DRD+47-4X-RDSM, OEM. are they slowly phasing out the 4Xs? damn… =p


Code65535, check these scans :slight_smile: Notice that they are also overspeeded - 8x burns on 4x media. The problem with this media might not even be itself, but the damn poor write strat (how else can you explain 20ish PI stock strat vs 1ish PI swap).

I actually had only 2 Optodisc batchs which didnt burn GREAT - and even then they were still “good”. Never had a bad Infodisc batch.