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I trying to to copy a dvd using clone dvd, but the original quality is only 44%. The audio streams are English PCM/2 and DTS/6 and the audio encoding is PCM and DTS if I uncheck any one of those 4 boxes the quality goes to 67%. My question is can I uncheck one of those boxes or will I make a coaster or how do I get the best quality? Thanks Guys!! :doh:

What kinda of media are you copying to and what is the movie your backing up? What kinda drive and firmware is the unit? We need more info to know what it is that your trying to do. But from what I am reading are you going dvd+5 or are you trying to burn at dvd+9?

Trying to backup Eagles hell freezes over
Firmware HSOE
Using Ritek print to the hub dvds
Reader LG dvd rom 16x
I just want better than 44% quality.
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40 E6600
3 gigs dual channel ram 800mhz
Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard
GeForce 7300 GT 512 mb by nvida

You will need to either split the disc to two DVD-5’s, back it up to a DVD DL(verbatim recommended), or drop some of the content to create more space for compression. As a side note, the Ritek discs do not fall into the “recommended” category. Far from it, actually. Most people will recommend TY or Verbatim discs.

I think we are all over anaylizing this.

He simply asks if he can make a back-up without all the audio channels. What DVD burner and firmware he has is not going to make a difference on how CloneDVD encodes and compresses the original DVD. At a 44 percent compression rate, it has to be obvious that he is going from a D/L original to a DVD-5.

The simple answer here is yes you can delete one or more audio channels. English PCM/2 and DTS/6 are usually the same audio with DTS/6 (Digital Theater System) being your surround sound audio. If you do not have a surround sound system or plan on adding one then this can be eliminated to get better video quality.

While not necessary, I would like to recommend that you burn this to a DVD+RW first to see how happy you are with the results. If the results are not what you expected, then see if you can delete something else like a few DVD extras, then re-burn on your DVD+RW again. No coasters.


Thank you for understanding my question! I did just that, burned to a DVD RW with Dts uncheck and it worked out well.
Thanks Again