Best Quality Recorded CD-R's - Premium2 or PX-760A?

Hello there,
first thanks for everything, I was reading your forum for two weeks and I’m quite satisfied (that’s why I bought the Premium2 and changed the PX-800 for a PX-760).

My question is: to put simply, because after reading lots of reviews and the quality scans made by users here -thanks for your time guys, you rock!- I’m stil unclear how to record the best, compatible CD-R’s to play with my Citronic CD-S6 CDJ player. Usually I get bad reproduction (meaning the last tracks sound noisy and crackable) and lots of skipping. When I play with original pressed CD’s all goes good. That means CD-Audio.

So which recorder I should use, Premium2 or PX-760? Also, which is the best configuration to record? Meaning VariRec, GigaRec, PoweRec. Which setting should I use? Can I use the settings you’ll advice and record thru Nero or is better to record thru Plextools?

I’m using TraxData CD-R, manufacturer: ritek.

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Hi slit, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The Premium2 should be better than the PX-760 for burning CD media.

PoweRec should be on.

GigaRec will only make your CDs less compatible (even for GigaRec <1x) so don’t use that unless you need it for some reason.

VariRec can be used if you don’t get optimal results without using it, but it takes a lot of experimentation to find the best VariRec setting for each type of CD-R and you might end up with the default setting being the best.

I suggest also trying some other CD-R media if you want the very best results. In general Taiyo Yuden CD-R media or Verbatim Super AZO CD-R media are among the best, and there’s a good chance they’ll be even better than the Traxdata RiTEKs.

Thanks for your reply DrageMester!

Here are the scans made with TraxData RiTEK Type 7 on Premium2 (the worst FE/TE) and PX-760A (the better FE/TE).

Interestingly enough, the DVD recorder has better FE/TE :rolleyes:


PS: despite the drive selected onto plextools, worst is Premium2 :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not testing burn quality here - you’re testing how the drives are seeing problems in focusing and tracking the (same) blank CD.

If you were to burn two CDs, one on each drive, and then scan the CDs for C1/C2/CU using the same scanning drive (e.g. the Premium2) then you would be making a useful comparison.

Chances are the Premium2 burn would be better than the PX-760 burn using the same CD media and burn speed.

I see. I will write some CD-R’s with both units in a while so I’ll check with one drive for C1/C2/CU. Will post tests.

Nice to understand a little bit more about quality recording :slight_smile:


Did some tests trying to get the best audio quality from those RiTEK CD-R’s. Tomorrow I’ll check in a real enviroment CDJing with a pair of picky Citronic players :cool:

The higher C1’s and C2’s correspond to Premium2, recorded as follows:
AMQR, 4x, 69:40:68 lenght.

The lower C1’s and C2’s correspond to PX-760A, recorded as follows:
GigaRec@0.9x, 8x, 69:40:68 lenght.

Both CD-R’s scanned with Premium2.

If you are seeing C2 errors on freshly burnt media you should consider changing for another brand of media instantly.
BTW what speed did you use for burning? Maximum is not always the best setting!

surg, you can check the speed after the method used in my previous post:
AMQR, [B]4x[/B], 69:40:68 lenght.
GigaRec@0.9x, [B]8x[/B], 69:40:68 lenght.

BTW, buy another media in my city is becoming almost impossible. I know some photography shops that sell fuji and maybe maxell, I’ll check next week. By now I have those Traxdata.

The comparison shows that the same media, same compilation burnt slowly with AMQR on Premium2 is two times worse than GigaRec 0.9x on PX-760A. And this Premium2 costs twice.


I’d second [I]surg[/I]s argument. Since you were burning at rather slow speeds (4x/8x) C2 errors are not acceptable. Ritek used to make excellent CD-R (back in 2002/3) but if their actual CD-R quality is anything like their DVD-quality then i’d avoid them.

Try finding finding Verbatim “Extra Protection” labelled “Made in Japan”, but avoid the “Made in China” variant! Those are Taiyo Yuden, you can see the cakebox here: (eleventh pic in 1st post). Or look for Verbatims “Data Life Plus / Super Azo / Crystal” labelled “Made in India”. If Sony media are mostly ok too.

Also, as a general rule, in the 760 limit writing speed to 32x max.

You’re assuming that slower is better and that GigaRec/AMQR improves quality.

I suggest you try burning without GigaRec and without AMQR at 16x on both drives. You might get better results and the discs will be probably be compatible with more drives.

Thanks for your replies.

Ok, I’ll try to get less hassle with AMQR and/or GigaRec. Anyway, isn’t it interesting to see those quality differences?

I know that the speed is crucial here so I don’t plan to burn my work-time CD-R’s upper than 16x. I never did.


The best CD-R I have ever used is by far Plextor 48X made by TY. I always get error free recordings with all my recorders at speeds as high as 40X. They also don’t degrade with time time since I have some of them written in 2002 and 2003 and they still scan great. The only drawback is their price since they are the most expensive CDs you can find here. 45 € for a cakebox of 100. I highly recommend them.

I wonder if the Plextor-branded TY CD-Rs are any better than those sold under other brands like FujiFilm, Maxell, or Sony. I wouldn’t think they would be, but Plextor seems to get the best pick of TY’s discs when it comes to DVD media…

IMHO there are definitely different level of quality Taiyo Yuden media available. For example my Premium consistently gets to higher speeds on ‘Plextor’ Yuden in comparison to ‘Verbatim’ Yuden.

The same is true for DVD media. +R 16x Yuden by TDK seem definitely worse than Plextor ones. Similarly -R 16x Yuden by Panasonic seem slightly worse in comparison to Plextor ones.

I gotta find those TY :iagree: You guys are making me crazy about those Taiyo Yuden Plextor brand! :bigsmile:

BTW, here’s another scan recorded by Premium2 as adviced by DrageMester, meaning: PoweRec enabled, 16x. Nothing else. No C2 errors and an excellent quality reading live with CDJ’s!

Just a few thoughts (which may be repeating what others have said)…

Try expanding the vertical scale on your graphs to something like a maximum of 50 and the differences will become more obvious.

As far as playing CD’s on your Citronic players goes - some players are notoriously bad at playing CD-R’s so you need to give them every possible chance. You MUST use discs with cyanine dye - these are the greenish blue discs. Taiyo Yuden are probably the best although Verbatim’s Datalife Plus seem OK too. Use error rates as a guide but remember that they don’t tell you everything about burn quality so try burning at a wide variety of speeds to see which works best in your player. You could also try different VariRec settings to see if that helps.

Don’t use Gigarec as it may actually confuse things more.



Must be tiring to be right all the time, sometimes… :bigsmile: :flower:

As you can see, the now-classic white verbatim, low quality 52x, has the worst C1, C2 and CU errors by far :eek:

Premium2, 16x speed, Powerec enabled, Nero 6.x, ISO data disc. Crap.

Good grief. Are those discs MCC Type 3 with AZO dye? Or some other manufacturer’s discs (Prodisc, CMC etc) branded as Verbatims?

I have NEVER seen such crappy results with anything else than el-cheapo media like rejects by CSI or Plasmon. :eek: :eek:

Seems to me these Verbatims are either fakes, or plain defective and you should exchange them, Verbatim have a lifetime warranty on their products. It could also be that this disc has concentric scratches near the outer edge, you should check this. Oh and another possiblity is they are 70mn and you overburned them? :confused:

Also it would be nice to reply to [B]Two Degrees[/B] question. :iagree: