Best quality mp3 player?

Hi everyone !

Title says it all. I’m looking for a decent winamp alternative, which focuses on sound quality. I tried foobar and noticed some improvements (it doesn’t use the same decoder as far as I know), but the player wasn’t newbie friendly enough :wink:

Go ahead if you have any suggestions!
Thanks !

Media Monkey is what I used. Its pretty awesome because it will allow you to listen to a wide variety of codecs including FLAC’s natively and SHN’s with a plugin as well as transcode them. It will allow you to play 24/96 recordings and it has an equalizer on it. The other major advantage is that it takes up a smaller footprint than iRuins or WinCramp.

Thank you for your quick reply!
I gave it a try, sound quality is nice !!!
The thing I dislike is that this is not really a player, more an Audio Library, playlist manager, which doesn’t fit my winamp alternative wish!
Maybe there’s a way to only run the Player, without having that huge playlist window, in that case, I’d stick with it ! :slight_smile:

What do you mean, its not a player? What do you really want?

well, something “light” !

Yeah could you be more specific? Details perhaps?

Sound card and speakers will make most any player sound good provided the sound card has a good EQ and bass and treble controls.

What sound card do you have and speakers?

I got a shitty SB Live 5.1 :frowning:

Well I’m looking for a winamp alternative, easy to use, light (basically, only a player, I don’t need thousands of plugins, skins, visualizations, etc), not a playlist manager like MediaMonkey/JetAudio/MusicMatch Jukebox, etc…

foobar…its very light and small…you can add on to it so it will look however you want it to.

get educated here:

I’ll try to masterize it … thanks !