Best quality file

Hi - I use DVDfab platinum and convert DVDs in to AVI files and despite reading through the instructions several times, i cannot work out how to get the best quality. The files will be played on pcs and also using something called an Idyl media server (basically an XP machine using zoom player software).

Should I be using avi, mkv or mp4 files?
Should I be using h.264 or xvid?
Should I be using audiocopy, mp3 or aac?
Should I be using 1 or 2 pass encoding?
What should I fix the bitrate to?

On the frame resolution I always went for the highest frame resolution as I play these files on big tvs but I gather that as this shows a low bits/pixel ratio that this means low quality??

Can some one help a newby like me?

If I also want to use the files via apple TV is there anything else I should be aware of.


For viewing on a large TV, I suggest H264 at the highest screen size and bitrate your equipment will support. To increase the bits/pixel just move the bitrate slider to the right. The mobile option has its own sub-forum now, there is a link to it at the top of this forum’s home page. There is a recent thread in it about the AppleTV.