Best quality DVD-R burner?

I think I’ve looked at every review on here at least a few times in trying to decide on a DVD-R burner, and I’m still not able to make a decision . Also, it has been hard to find 8x (or faster) media results for DVD-R drives.

Here is what I know I want (in order):

  • The best quality (8x or better) DVD-R burns on media that is supported in my (New Phillips) Xbox drive. Mainly:
    -Taiyo Yudens
  • Compatibility with DVD-+ burnable media

Don’t care about:
DVD+R (although it would be a nice thing to have)

From my own research, it looks like Plextor and Lite-on doesn’t like Ritek media. My head is spinning with information. :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-R? Any Pioneer.

They are that good at DVD-R huh? Is there any place I can find charts/stats for 8x or 16x DVD-R burn quality on these drives. I can’t seem to find it here at cdfreaks.

It’s all about the +/- format politics, actually. Philips/BenQ are the best +R writers around. Pioneer drives have traditionally kicked butt with -R. It is no coincidence that Philips is the ringleader of the +R/W format camp. And it is also no coincidence that Pioneer is -R/W format camp’s leader and most prominent advocate.

Dear Geniuses,

Any advice on good burners for -R media specifically? I am sitting on stacks of -R and probably will not use +R.

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Nec 3500

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Im looking for a good quality burner for -R discs to accompany my 851s, i mainly use Ritek media G05 usually because thats all i can get around here and the 851s just doesnt cut it.

heres the choice

NEC ND-3500

Benq DW1620

This is purely for -R burning anything else is just a bonus, i dont mind using hacked FW :cool:


My NEC 3500 burns Datawrite Classic Grey 8x DVD-R FUJIFILM03 dye with no problems. But my Benq 1620 can’t burn to to the same disk.

On Verbatim DVD-R 4x both burns with exellent quality. NEC 3500 12x with modded firmware.

Conclusion NEC 3500 burns low quality DVD-R better than Benq 1620.

If I had to choose between NEC 3500 or Benq 1620, I would go for NEC 3500.

But you could sell the 851S and buy both drives.

Benq 1620, NEC 3500, Pioneer 108. Most advocates and zealots here will agree on one of these three.

I love my Aopen (Rosewill)

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