Best quality DVD clone software?

Which DVD clone software offers the best quality? I don’t mind waiting longer if the result is better.

DVD Rebuilder

What do you want to do with it? If you are looking to backup 1:1 onto double layer discs, I would recommend DVDDecrypter or CloneCD (yes, it does DVD’s too). If you want to compress a DVD-9 onto a single layer DVD-5, you will get all sorts of advice.

As stated above DVD Rebuilder will re-encode, which takes a while. (in the region of many hours) If you want to transcode I would recommend CloneDVD2. (you can have a complete disc backed up in well under half an hour, even with pretty heavy compression)

You will have to do a lot of reading on here to see what it best for you, and what equipment you are going to play the movies back on.

I agree!

Get DVD Rebuilder Here!

If you look at the reviews, at that link, you will see that DVD Rebuilder has a rating of 9.0 out of 10.0 with 62 votes. I think that rating speaks for itself.


P.S. A blind test involving DVD Rebuilder and several Transcoders including DVD Shrink was given to 37 ‘average Joe’ people. You can see the Result of the Blind Test Here.

I am looking to compress from DVD-9 to DVD-5. I tried DVD Rebuilder (HC with normal quality), but I did not see any real improvement over DVD Shrink (with deep analysis) and it took considerably more time. Am I doing something wrong?

As posted above, it will depend on what you are viewing on. The test mentioned above was viewed on a 61" Plasma - if you are using say a 32" widescreen CRT or smaller, you may not see any difference at all.

If quality is really that important, I would consider going for 1:1 backup’s on DL media. Nothing can beat the original for quality!

It is all subjective. Asking others which one looks better is like asking about music or art, in the eye of the beholder you know. In general, the processes that take longer will turn out a better image. I can see it when I am 12 inches from the screen, jus a little. However when I watch the movie at normal distances it is very difficult to see. The larger the screen, the easier it is to see so you need to make your own decision.

I would first do a fat DL DVD with Shrink and then the same thing with full deep analysis. If you can see the difference then you can start looking at which re-encoder you want. If you can’t see the difference then just stick with a transcoder. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time on something with no benefit.

I know that 1:1 backups on DL media is the best choice, but prices are still too high!