Best quality Double Layer DVD media?

Of the Double Layer DVDs currently available, which is the best in terms of write quality/long life?
I cannot find any MIJ.

Some of the best are sold under the Verbatim brand. Made in Singapore by Mitsubishi.

I think I remember someone saying that Ricoh makes some DL disks in Japan, but I could very easily be mistaken. If they do, I’ve never run across them here in the US.

The Verbs are the best and can be had when on sale which is almost every week for $2 per disc. (10 pk for 19.99) TDK +DL discs are RICOHJPN D00 MID Made in Taiwan.

At the moment Verbatim!

Yup, Verbatim definitely will give you your best chance of success and if you live in the US, they can regularly be found on sale in 10 packs for $20. Good quality stuff. Make sure to stick to the D/L DVD+R and not the D/L DVD-R though. The D/L DVD+R Verbatim with the booktype set to DVD-ROM is quite a bit more compatible.

I am using Verbatim MKM001 (hub) photo printable DL discs, 2,4x speed burned @4x with a LG 5163D. Made in Singapore, marketed by Verbatim Europe in 25 pcs spindles and bought for 69 euros (
The results are excellent. Scanned with a BenQ 1620, the quality score in CD - DVD Speed is consistently 95 or higher. Too bad about the hub, but at least they are printable.

the ricohs that are made in japan i buy from newegg

right now 25 pack for 40 dollars. mediacode is richonjpn00 but you could also get the ritekd01 which are very worse, i’ve never received them from newegg but on the reviews it seems people have. they still burn fine in my NEC burner but not as good as the ricohjpn’s do. if you’re not picky about the money hell go with verbatim

There no way to tell what you will receive from newegg. You may still get the RITEK D01 instead of the ROCOHJPN. Too much risk of getting RITEK media code for the money.

To much of a gamble for my tastes. Ricoh aren’t bad but still not quite as good as verbatim and the thought of ending up with the crummy Ritek dye discs just scares me.

All comes down to a matter of cost. Verbatim’s are still quite expensive in some places. Ricoh’s have been slightly cheaper and are a good alternative. Yes stay away of Ritek they are to inconsistant.

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True, but since we are both talking about the US, where 10 packs of Verbatim can regularly be found on sale for $20 in retail stores, there isn’t much of a price difference. EDIT Looks like newegg jacked up the price again. $50 shipped for a 25 pack, so no real difference between them and the Verbatim sales.

no real difference? 40 cents a disc is pretty big. i’ve even seem them down to 30 for 25 pack on the egg. the price fluxulates way to much though

10 pack for $20 and 25 for $50 makes no real price difference… :wink:

Yup, as mentioned above, the price got jacked up again. As for 40 cents a disc price difference? I will gladly pay that to avoid the chance of getting Ritek made media, and even if you do get Ricoh, the Verbatim MKM001 are still better discs. All it would take would be a handful of non-working discs and all savings would be negated. If I am going to spend over $1 a disc for media, I wan’t to make DAMN SURE that the media I am purchasing is of the highest possible quality/has the best compatibility.

Allright: Here’s the newbe dumb question for the day! How do you tell or where do you look to see which kind of Verbat. disk it is?
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All Verbatim dual layer media is MKM 001 or 003 (if it’s a shiny new 8x one).

But if you want to be absolutely sure,

Ricoh discs are made in Taiwan by Ritek.

I was recommending Ricoh DL until recently. It appears they now use the inverted stack method (?? :confused: - if anyone can explain exactly what it is I would be VERY interested) and that it brings issues with many burners.

According to some sources most drives would need a firmware upgrade to be able to burn these correctly…

I’m back to recommending ONLY Verbatim DL… :rolleyes:

No I am not talking about the US. I am talking about Canada. Single discs will run you about $2.50 which is fine. Dual Layers discs will run you about $6.00 - $11.95. which is a little steep. You can get dual layer RICOH’s for about $3.00 each.

Verbatims DL’s are starting to come down in price, it’s just matter of watching and trying to catch the sales.

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One layer produced, then glued together with the second layer - that makes the endproduct bad quality and unsupported by most of all burners. :frowning:
Verbatim/MKM uses the 2D technology, don’t ask me how that works, but it works.