Best QUALITY copy

Hi everyone.

I Have Been Doing A Three Step Process…
(1) Ripping With DVD Decrypter via iso
(2) Shrininking With Shrink 3.2 whilst analysing or I have used VOB Blanker to blank some chapters off the 1st disk then used shrink to analyse the output video files then blank the opposite chapters and make a 2nd disk
(3) Burning To Dvd+R DVD Decrypter through an iso

What I wanna know is:
Is this the best method for getting 100% quality with zero artefacts or pixilations?
Is there a better method to rip a dvd onto 2 disks and keep 100% quality?

Hi Jamie,

You should maybe think about skipping your first step altogether. I think what you’re doing is the long way.
If you rip first with decrypter, you’re taking extra time you don’t need (unless you want the entire sized movie on your HDD for some reason). First its ripped, taking however long it takes on your particular system and ripping drive. Then, shrink has to do the deep analysis (if you select it), then still has to do the encoding.

If you just use shrink first, you do the deep analysis, then the ripping is done at the same time as encoding. All you need to do is analyze, then rip/encode with shrink, then use decrypter just for the burning part.

As far as quality, shrink has been very good for me so far. You should do the deep analysis option to get the best quality. As long as you don’t have TOO much compression, deep analysis works very well. Backups I’ve made with shrink seem to have very good video quality.

About your other question, I’ve heard shrink has the ability to split a movie onto 2 discs, that way you wouldn’t have any compression at all. I haven’t done it myself, but you could read the shrink tutorials in the forum here, or maybe someone else could tell you how to do it. :slight_smile:

DVDShrink is a great prog, but for the absolute best quality, you will want to reencode rather than transcode. DVD Rebuilder is the class of the field for this since it keeps the simple 1-click interface of most transcoding programs and can work with 3 or 4 of the top encoders. CCE is the top encoder, but the basic version costs $58. Quenc is an entirely free encoder and is between DVDShrink and CCE in quality (but much closer to CCE and closing the gap all the time). for more info

At the moment I’m using almost the same method as jamieciesluk (I use file mode rather than ISO mode), I actually heard on the doom9 forum that it was better to decrypt the DVD with DVD Decrypter first rather than use DVD Shrink to do it. I have no idea why this is meant to better though, so RoscoeMcGurk could well be correct in saying that this step is unnecessary.

The best quality method that I know of is to use the CCE SP encoder alongside an application such as DVD Rebuilder, regardless of whether you’re backing up the full DVD or just the main movie. As btspm said, DVD Rebuilder is one of the easiest applications to use for this but I don’t think it offers as much features as some programs.

I recently aquired the CCE SP encoder and ideally I would like to backup entire DVDs minus the annoying FBI/copyright warnings shown at the start. I’m still not entirely sure how to do this though. You can just disable PUOPs in Decrypter so you can skip past the warnings but that can also mess up other parts of the DVD where the PUOPs are there for valid reasons.

Mr Horse

What you need is DVDremake - not only remove unwanted extras but amends menus (trailers, copyright warnings, unused buttons, etc.)

Thanks a lot. I just checked out the site, it looks pretty good - shame it isn’t freeware. Do you know if it uses it’s own transcoder like DVD Shrink or allows you to use a third party one such as CCE?

dvdremake doesn’t transcode/reencode. it’s a “dvd editor,” allowing you to remove anything you want from the dvd. you can then run the finished product through a transcoder/reencoder if you wish.

Can anyone confirm this? Is it really better to use decrypter first, then shrink, then decrypter again? Even with the new versions? New version dvdshrink seems to do the ripping part just fine for me, and removes the protection etc. just as well as decrypter does. Puts it as an iso file, and wala! Finished product is a very nice looking backup.

If there’s some valid reasoning behind doing this longer way, can someone say WHY? It seems shink does an excellent job just by itself for all my reading. Just use decrypter to burn (which btw turns out better burns than nero for me anyway) Any responses greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Cheers, just ripped a DVD with Decrypter, preprocessed it with DVDReMake to get rid of the warnings and third party logos then compressed it with the Rebuilder and CCE method. Worked perfectly.

I’ve seen on some forum around these parts that a reason for ripping with DVDDecrypter first and then using DVDShrink is to prolong the life of your burner as it it only running during the ripping process and then the actual burning process - not the entire rip/transcode/burn sequence. I’m not overly convinced though - and seeing as burners are cheap as chips these days, it all seems a little long winded :wink:

Wow you’re right, what a waste of time to prolong the life of a $80 piece of equipment, which may still run for years even with rip/trans/burn all the time. Seems like just a waste of time to use decrypter first. I use a DVD-ROM drive to rip anyway. But even if I used my burner for ripping, I’d still do it the quick (and just as effective) way. Can anyone say ANY other reason to use decrypter first?? Silly to waste all that time for nothing. Seriously, if anyones doing that just cause they wanna “save” their burner, don’t forget- burners are CHEAP. If you do alot of movies and add up all that time you threw in the toilet, wow.

My method and I think is the easiest is CloneDVD2/AnyDVD. Choose movie only option, check off if I want the menu or not, use the chapter cutter to take out the last chapter if it’s credits, then rip it as though it’s dual layer so as not to engage the transcoder and then use Rebuilder.

clearly there are many ways of doing a back-up and everyday more proggies come out that make it easier for us. I would say just do what works for you. I started the way you are doing it. I would go DVD Decryptor, DVD2One, Burn. It worked all the time. Now i have been reading on the DVD2One section peeps saying that DVDshrink is better quality then DVD2One, but that DVD2one is faster. I guess its all about what you want. Speed or Quality?


I’m quite suprised by how easy Rebuilder and CCE were to use, not really any harder than user DVDShrink at all once you’ve set everything up. The main downside is the time required but the batch process feature helps with this as you can set it to do five disks or so before you go to bed or work or whatever. I’ll stick with DVDShrink for discs that only need a small amount of compression but I reckon I’ll be using Rebuilder for the majority of my backups from now on.

my method for quality copies is dvd2dvd-r with cce sp at 3 passes. that’s for compression rate <85%.

Yes, I totally agree with you Mr. Horse. I’ve been just starting to recently play with Rebuilder. I must say I’m quite impressed with the quality, it blows shrink away at any significant compression. I think I’ll be using this method for almost all my backups, unless it’s only a tiny bit of compression, then I’ll still use shrink.

I really like the one pass vbr w/analysis option. I get the whole process done in just over an hour. I’ve been looking in this forum and doom9 forum about this option. Some people say multipass is still better, some say the one pass does pretty much as good. Various different opinions. If the quality is that close, to where people are splitting hairs about which is better, then I’d just assume do it the waaaay quicker way.

I disagree. By ripping it to harddrive you get a much faster encoding rate. For a non compressed reauthored main title only I can get upwards of 57 mbs encoding from my harddrive (ie 2 min. encode), if I did it off the original dvd it would take about 10 min. Plus ripping it to harddrive gives you the luxary of playing around with features without having to have the dvd in your drive all the time.

Only thing I do not like about clone dvd is the inability to force subtitles like shrink will let you do. For Foreign movies and movies that have defaulted subtitles (star wars, the passion, hildago, etc.) this is a must for reauthoring…unless you like to hit the subtitle button until you find the right one every time you play it. :o

What is the difference between CCE SP 2.50, CCE SP 2.67 and CCE Basic (2.67 or 2.70)? Is there any significant difference in quality, speed, compatibility with DVD Rebuilder or features?

I am trying to figure out what to use together with DVD Rebuilder to get good quality (but a bit compressed) DVD’s.

there are supposed to be minor improvements as the version numbers go up, but most people seem to prefer CCE SP 2.50. i use 2.50 myself because it’s faster with AMD processors than the 2.6x/2.7x series, which are faster with Intel processors. CinemaCraft claims that quality has been increased, but i haven’t seen any substantial evidence to back that up. all of the versions are pretty much equally compatible with DVD Rebuilder; it’s just a matter of setting it up correctly.

the biggest difference between SP and Basic is that Basic is limited to 2-pass VBR, while SP allows up to 9 passes. 2 passes is good enough for most people, especially if you use 1-pass VBR with DVD Rebuilder.