Best quality copied DVD?

I would just like to know disregarding how long it takes, what is the best way with regards to quality and best programs to use, to copy a dvd?

i have read threads on the possible dvd programs and the advantages and disadvantages on each, but the field of this topic is just too big and sometimes confusing!

What is the ultimate setup to have when copying movie dvds?

Thanks in advance

Ultimate setup…One should have DVD Shrink 3.0 and also AnyDVD in cahoots with CloneDVD. For a high quality one to one DVD that will fit comfortably on one disc or with minimal compression Elbys CloneDVD does the trick…high quality and very efficient/fast. Then for DVD that require significantly more compression utilizing deep analysis…DVD shrink is the toast of the town. You can even use Shrink to minimize compression of the main movie while ignoring extras and simply add up the tot unitl it fills up the disc (4464) and then use CloneDVD to do a final turn and burn while keeping those menus. Havin both of these software suites is the best in my opinion. Oh and Nero for burning those DVD Shrink files.

Thanks alot Burke. That is really good. Simple straightforward answers.
What do you think of DVD X Copy Platinum?

for high quality copies trust nothing else than dvd2dvd-r with cce (cinema craft encoder) it takes long 3 to 6 hours depending on your hardware but believe me you will end up with nearly no loss in quality from your original… that’s what i use after tried almost everything.


Does your method leave you with a DVD containing the original menus and subtitles? What about audio tracks?


Dead right - as far as it goes. But I’d also keep DVD2One handy for joining and splitting. It makes a good fist of quality too.


Platinum is overpriced and forces such a nonsense as that hypocritical ‘backup mesage’ they insert. I give it a wide berth.


if the structure of the dvd u want to backup is “normal” enough (which most are), u can make a full backup with relative ease using this method (normality is described in the guide itself under “when and when not to demux by VOB ID”). the quality u’ll get using this method will be better than with any transcoder, but the tradeoff is the time that the process will take (not direct user intervention time, but computer usage time). be advised that this method requires Sonic Scenarist and Cinema Craft Encoder.

Does your method leave you with a DVD containing the original menus and subtitles? What about audio tracks?

sorry i was thinking of plain movie only… :wink:

Peter McCall
“But I’d also keep DVD2One handy for joining and splitting”

Is there a splitting option in DVD2One?


Er, yes. Any day now…:o


Great News!!

DVD2One is my first choice among the transcoders, and this is a feature I´ve been waiting for!