Best quality bruner

Hi everyone!

Soon I’ll need a DVD drive to play the next Myst game, and I’d like to make large back-ups as well, so I figured it was time for me to buy a DVD burner. I’ve searched for hours and hours on the net, and everytime I was getting sure about which one to buy, something bad about the drive showed up. I’m looking for an internal dual format burner, and I want to be able to play SafeDisk protected games (Seems not to be a big issue anymore). I’d like it to burn discs at at least 8 speed.

What I really care about is the quality of the written discs. I was only looking at dual layer drives at first, but they seem to be too unreliable at the moment. Right now I’m thinking about the Plextor PX-712A.

If most of the single layer burners DO have good results, I’d like to be able to break copy protections as well, though this isn’t a prerequisite.

What do you think of this? Is the Plextor the best way to go for me? Are there better drives? Or should I go DL and am I underestimating burn quality?

Thanks in advance :bigsmile:

More than likely, to be argued back and forth, but I feel the NEC-ND2510A offers the highest quality write quality, given certain metrics used to quantitatively assess write quality, on this forum - one such metric being Kprobe.

Just my opinion however - others, I am sure, disagree strongly here.

PS - make sure you get a BURNER rather than a ‘bruner’ :wink:

No reason to 2nd it, if Zebra says it, I would believe it. I’m a little surprised though, as you used to be such a proponent for the LiteOn burners.

DW822A for $73 and it will do DL in a firmware upgrade. It also does allot of 4x media at 8x with the manufacture’s firmware. Quality with manufacture firmware is among the best if not the best (esp with + media). Plextor is overpriced. The 16x BenQ DW1620A will be out 2nd week of August for around $110 maybe less. The BenQ are also better readers then most (esp the NEC2500). Also the evidence so far seems to be that DL can be reliable burned and played on most DVD players.

The Benq is a great drive on the early reports. Might be worth waiting a month for it to be widely available, and some user experiences accumulated. Great time to purchase a drive.