Best quality blank for music



Hello, can someone recommend a brand of blank cd that is of superior quality for copying music onto, price irrellevent…


Verbatim Pastel or Tayio Yuden.


The Pastels are a Taiyo Yuden dye so are excellent. Verbatim’s Super AZO come a close second & easier to find.


You might also want to consider TDK disks.


cool…i have googled the discs recomended and there very cheap, i was expecting to pay more for quality or am i looking at the wrong discs, can anybody give brand name and disc code/name ???


In Europe here is the Verbatim page with them on. Go here .
In the US I think the branding is different.

Not sure TDK will be so good in future as they’re pulling out of CD/DVD manufacture.


Plextor discs are also TY
Example HERE

Verbatim Pastel
Example HERE


thanks guys…orderd myself some :slight_smile: