Best PSU?

Looking for a really good 500+ watt power supply for my athlon 64 fx chip and gigabyte mb. Any suggestions?

Why would you need 500W?
A good 350W will be more than enough but in general I would recommend you to get a PSU with a 120mm fan. I’d would go for a Seasonic 400W PSU (SS-400FT or SS-400FB) but in general Seasonic, Seventeam (great PSUs), Enermax, Antec (doesn’t really make quiet PSUs) and Fortron are good brands.
And btw, there is no such thing as “best psu”, if you want anything near that go and look for server PSUs with redundancy…

Look at TAGAN 480 watt power supplies
I have one and it is second to none

if you want the absolute best it’s the PC Power and Cooling 510 Deluxe but it is almost 200.00 U.S. the antec 550 true power is an excellent PSU and is considerably cheaper.



I had to settle for an Antec Truepower/truecontrol 550W, since TAGAN aren’t available in Oz, & Shipping costs for an 8KG article is quite frankly crap & can cost me more than the PSU in the first place. GRRRRRRR :a @ stupid Oz.

Damn thing is practically silent & can output 550W max for a short period with sustained 480W output. Different voltage rails too :slight_smile: Tis a nice piece :slight_smile:

Check reviews :wink: If ya can get it, get it :wink:

Did I mention I have 9 internal drives and about 5 external ones thorugh usb2/firewire? :stuck_out_tongue: Plus from what I read about the 6800 ultra they suggest a 450 watt min.

Maybe I should of said best PSU for under 200$ :bigsmile:

Im going to a local store (they have a great return 30 day policy) so here are my choices:

10 connectors very nice maybe my best choice

10 connectors and cool looking…hehe

12 connecters me likes

The antec neo would be a good choice.

here is one of the best articles I have ever seen dealing with the importance of a quality power supply.

This one if you want a silent but yet powerful PSU.
The Seasonic one would be my 2nd choice but 80mm fans aren’t any fun if you have a high performance comp and need air flow while still being silent.

Looks like the neo is the winner…thanks all

I think that any of the A-brands with sufficient amps on the 12 and 5V rails will do. Zalman, Fortron, Enermax, Antec etc etc all are very nice and work quite alright.

I have a 550W Levicom PSU. I had the choice between a 480W Antec and this one. Tested both PSUs for a couple of days and found them quite allright, the Levicom was a little less expensive and had some more amps on the 12V rail. So yes, uncommon brands can work very well as well :slight_smile:

Looking over the list, the TheramalTake’s look like good value, and still a respectable name.

The single large fan anf passive grille, though you expect it to be quiet, often doesn’t score any better than a dual 80mm

Jamos check my rig

TRUST ME, you won’t be dissappointed.

Yes I looked at that too, but in the end the Neo was the winner as they had one working on a computer there…couldnt even hear it. Plus the snap in cables was very nice. Also I wanted something that is PCI express compatable as it seems everything is going that way.

Neo gives 99Watts to the CPU alone, not bad I must say, especially for a dead quiet PSU.

BTW, AMD is more conservative on power drainage, only 89Watts for their FX-53.

Antec always prevails IMO.


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