Best progrem

i buy the plextor px-708a and i want to creat manu and titles for my movies and then burn them together what is the best progrem to do that?

Instant Copy v-7.x or v-8 by Pinnacle Systems is one suggestion.


Are you talking about your own movies, as opposed to say, Steven Spielberg’s?

If so, you want an authoring package which will encode the camcorder’s AVI files to MPEG and allow you to create the chapter points and the menus to point to them.

Authoring packages come in various levels of complexity, functionality and of course price. Pinnacle Studio is where a lot of people start. It’s cheap and has comprehensive facilities. Its friendly stability though is about the same as a cornered rat. You may want to look instead on the MediaChance site: there’s some good stuff there and the price is right.