Best Programma's to copy audio cd's




Could some tell me please which are the best programs to copy audio cd’s, with the best sound quality?


I have tried a lot of programs, and the best program to make a simple copy must be CloneCd.
If you want to burn your old LP’s to cd’s WinOn pro is the best.


Nero just make an image, and hup we go


i use cdrwin,and gear replicator


Audio doesn’t really matter…

Just use the app your burner likes most. =)


With limited experience I find Nero to be the easiest to use, but I couldn’t honestly say it produces the best quality, but its wizard makes life easy.


I shouldn’t use CloneCd for the job! This progy is very easy to handle but I think it’s ment especially for copyprotected cd’s! I would use Cdrwin 3.7c (or higher) if I was you! It also is very easy to use and it copies are perfect! (I also find them better than Nero; for audio then!!!)
C Ya around!


Thanx Chewie,

That’s what i wanted to hear. I thought so but i wasn’t so sure.
Know i know enough.

See yah