Best Program to make a copy of GTA - SA

Hey guys, me and my brother bought the GTA - San Andreas now we are not able to decide who gets to keep the DVD…
What is the best program to make a copy so we both can have one each coz we usually play around the same time on our PCs…
I read in the copy protection list section that it has the following copy protection
Copy Protection: SecuROM
Thanx for the help! :slight_smile:

What you want to do is illegal. If you want to install and play a game on two seperate computers then you need to purchase two copies of the game.

MasterYoda34 is right, if 2 different people want to play the same game on 2 different machines but you only got 1 license this is illegal.

this might help

So true, and as such this thread is now closed.

@Jacoos, you should start a new thread if you need help backing it up.