Best Program to get

Ok I am going to purchase a program specifically for backing up my gaming collection. I have demoed ConeCD, Alcohol 120%, and Blindwrite suite, I was able to successfully backup battlefiled 2, and tiger woods 06, on blindwrite before my evaulation period ended. The next game im trying to back up is fear and i have been unsuccessful on Alcohol 120% and Clonecd, but I wasnt able to try it on Blindwrite, my question is Would blindwrite be able to copy Fear succesfully or am I doing something wrong on Alcohol 120% or Clone CD?

btw. I have not tried to copy bf2 or TW06 on the alcohol or clonecd.

What program should I buy, right now im leaning towards Blindwrite just becasue I have been 2/2 on backing up games on it. But it seems to me alcohol 120% has more features than the other two programs.

Thanks in advance.