Best program to edit video recored from liteon 5005

Hi everyone i just got my liteon 5005, I am transfering all my VHS videos to dvd (mostly boxing fights) and i was wondering what is the best program to edit this files (from the 5005). I did copy/paste the files from the finished dvd to my computer, then i tried to open the files with cyberlink dvd producer but it wont reconize the wont open them.
What iam trying to do is to create motion thumbnails of each fight and my own background.
any help will be greatly appreciated.
A link to a guide will be even greater.

thanks in advance.

Womble mpeg-vcr works really well for me doing the above. I just burn data disks after that as the Liteon presents these data disks indistinguishably from a “standard” dvd.

I recall (I think??) that Ulead VideoStudio 8.0 had active thumbnails that would use the womble files without further converstion but it all depends on more factors==ie, I use the lowest resolution which may or may not work at higher resolutions? The liteon display of thumbnails is of course static which is fine for me.

Google such apps and download those free trials until you find one that works with your given parameters. ///bobbo.

Thanks leaglebob i will try mpeg-vcr, i will post back