Best Program to create photo cd

i want to create a photo album on cd to be able to send to friends to play on their home dvd players.i have looked at easy cd creator 5.1 but that only allows 1 music track per disk.I want to be able to put a few music tracks on the disk as the album will be very big and it will be boring with only 1 track.


i believe winoncd can do that…

perhaps nero too

You want a VIDEOCD (not photo cd format , that’s waayyyy something different) that plays all your pictures on the telly.

Winoncd 3.8 and better ROCKS when making what you want.
Unfortunately you can only have one soundtrack on a videocd.
So patch up your CoolEdit skills and add some mp3’s together to one nice big 80 minute mp3.

ULEAD has an awesome creater. DVD Picture show is his name.

Use the search function, i asked this question 2 weeks ago.

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