Best Program to Create DVD Slideshows

Can anyone recommend their favourite programs to create DVD slideshows?

VSO photoDVD

Easy to use, works great.

Try DVD Slideshow GUI.

It’s free and supports subtitles, music and what seems to be a vast range of video transitions.


Both those programs are very good but cant you do this with MS Powerpoint? Most people have some version of Office on their PC , ( I think):bigsmile::bigsmile:

Yep, you can do a basic version of that sort of thing in PowerPoint with sound etc. and I’ve done stuff like that myself in work.

I think the main advantage of the other programs though is that they’re designed to produce DVD video that can viewed by almost anyone on their TV.

I have to say I’ve never used either of the other programs but I was impressed by the video demos on the ‘DVD Slideshow GUI’ website.

The effects shown there are way beyond anything you can do in PowerPoint.

It depends on what the OPs objectives are I suppose. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the suggestions - will check them all out.

[QUOTE=WhatAboutBob;2445286]Thanks for all the suggestions - will check them all out.[/QUOTE]

You’re more than welcome.

Let us know your own opinions of whatever software you eventually decide to use as it’s good to have feedback on these sorts of things in the threads.


I have to second (or third) DVD Slideshow GUI. It is pretty awesome.