Best Program to copy DATA to DVD disk

What is the best program (freeware would be good :cool: ) to copy larger data files (800Mb) to a DVD disk. Thanks


For data i would go with nero but its not free…

I am using the later Nero ( I am tring to create DATA DVD using Nerovision express 2. The files I am tring to add are about 800Meg size each (MPG files). I have been able to succesfully do this twice so far. Lately Nero just hangs when I try to add the file to prepare for writing. My OS is Win XP Pro SP1. I would really appreciate if anybody can help me out of this problem. Thanks


what? you are using neroVISON express 2 for data? you need nero express.


Sorry for the gaffe. I use Nero Express and have Nero just get stuck when I try to add 800Mb data files . This happenes sometime after I add 2 files and sometimes on the 1st file itself.