Best program to burn media?

Is it Nero? if so I take it the newest version.


All depends on what exactly you want to burn…

films songs and games mostly


I would go with nero 6 for all around burning although I do use Alcohol 120% for my ISO burns.

yeah i would be burning iso’s aswell. Does Nero burn ISO too?


yep, nero burns iso files. choose “file / burn image” and there point to the iso file you want to burn.

dvd decrypter and nero are all i use …

well, i forgot to say you’d might have a look at b’s recorder 8, an overview of it’s features:

b’s recorder comes with a good burning engine and runs very stable

Thanks for the information. What is DVD encrypter? Is this for copying DVDs?


Yes. With DVD Decrypter you can Copy the DVD to your HD. If it doesn’t fit on a 4.7 gb dvd you’ll have to make it smaller by using DVD Shrink. You can download it HERE. Than you can burn it with DVD Shrink or Nero. Just copy the files to a DVD. But you have to keep the Folders AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS!

Greets MRCloner

That would be Prassi.ONES.v2.0.297 Multilanguage Retail it revolutionary CD/DVD burning software, it support burning directly trough firmware and burning device instead of SPTI Microsoft
It will burn trough PzWDM.sys which is revolution in burning software, it doesn’t need admins privileges, if you are Spti freaks you can switch to SPTI but who needs it!

It support everything that Nero support and even more, there is non need of software update you just need to update your firmware and that is all. It stable it’s fast it has verification.

Just try it you want regret it, in attachments you can find screenshot of ONES.

Here is picture