Best program to backup securom 5.03

What is the best program to copy securom 5.03 games for example UT 2004


I would Like to know this also.
What profile should we use in Alcohol 120% ?

people say blind write is the best to copy securom

Securom 5 protected cd or dvd?

It really does depend on your burner and If you want emulation. CloneCD + BWA + TwinPeaks method is a good way. If you want Emulation, then Alcohol 120%'s RMPS method is good.

For emulation, use the SecuROM *New [4.x/5.x] Datatype. Don’t forget to enable RMPS Emulation.

For no emulation, choose the SecuROM *New Datatype, and choose CCD as the image format. Then patch the file with a BWA of the game and TwinPeaks and burn the patched file with Alcohol.

BlindWrite 5 is the best if you have a Plextor Premium burner.