BEST program to BACK-UP pc games?

I just bought my family a new pc and they are just getting into THIE SIMS DELUXE and i want to make a copy of the disc so i can let them use it and stop worrying about them ruining my original copy (they are young and really careless.) I dont play it anymore but thats besides the point, its mines i paid for it and i want it safely stored along with AOE and all the other classics. :bigsmile:
I made a copy of it and it work to install and everything else except for playing the game. Any advice… anybody.

Alcohol 120% is the best games backup program. You need to know what type of copy protection your disc has and select this in the profile

EDIT: The SIMS uses SafeDisc / SafeDisc v2 protection

The exact version is:Safedisc 2.72.000.(depending on country) Which rates average on the difficulty scope. If you used Alcohols default safedisc 2x/3x datatype, burnt it as slow as possible and enabled all emulations, and it didnt work, chances are your writer is not up to the task. Never Fear, mount the image you made in a virtual drive. (Virtual Drives always work with Safedisc)

Yes, and the development of alcohol seems to be stalled… So there is a new evrsion of CloneCD and one of Blindwrite right now, but no new Alcohol.

hasn’t stalled, they’re just still working on it.

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