Best program for my use?

Folks, I need some real advise. I’ve read and read. I’ve bought several programs and still having issues. Need some good advise on the best way to tackle this project.
I am using a Sanyo DRW-1000 DVD Recorder/VCR combo. I use DVD-RW to record in VR Mode. After finishing my recording, I go back in and edit out start and finish and any crap in between I don’t need. I then finalize the disk.
I want to take this disk to my computer and make a DVD-R or DVD+R copy for play in my other DVD players. I can make an exact copy to - or + R disks that play fine on the original Sanyo unit but will not play on any other units.
Some of the movies I have recorded are less than 4.2G but are over 2 hours long, some 3 hours. I have tried Nero and EZ Media but Nero says the files are too large and Roxio compresses the crap out of it till it’s a lousy copy.
Any suggestions on what programs I need to get 2-3 hours of good quality video onto a -/+ R disk and keep a descent quality?
Any & ALL suggestions appreciated!!! :doh:

You could try TMPGEnc DVD Author (Pro) which will allow you to import video from a VR disc and create a new DVD Video without re-encoding the content. It will also allow you to create chapters and menus for your DVD.

There is a trial version for the non-pro version available that will allow you to run the program for 30 days without any other limitations. There’s also a pro version trial available, but that trial version will add a “trial version” text on top of your DVD menus so it’s not very good for making actual DVDs.

MANY thanks. Will give it a try and report back. First time I’ve been told about this program. Keeping my fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

DrageMester, thank you again for the suggestion. That program works FANTASTIC!!! I have about 25 movies I thought I was going to have to trash. Was able to convert and burn them to a DVD-/+R that play on my other units. The quality is outstanding also. Recorded a 2hr 25min movie to a +R and it looks fine. Also saved me from having to buy expensive DVD+DL disks.
Thanks again!!! :bow: :bow:

You’re welcome. I’m glad it worked out for you! :slight_smile: