Best program for Hard disk image

I am looking for the best program to make a complete harddrive image as backup. I have looked at Powerquest Drive Image 5.0 and Nero. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Norton Ghost

Thanks Taxman, I’ll take a look at it.

If you’re on Xp,use the latest Ghost version if your partition is converted as NTFS,other versions mess up,because they don’t support NTFS 5.1,as used in XP…

I have a Liteon 24102b cd-rw and ghost 2002 appears not to support my cd-rw.
Hmmm, what next?

Thats strange, did you update your aspi drivers?

yup, aspi drivers installed. Strange though, cd-rw is available with drive image 5.

I checked the aspi drivers. Is version 4.60 the latest?

my vote goes to drive image 5 :slight_smile:

check nortons site, they say what drives they have tested and not, which work and which dont ? (i tihnk)


Originally posted by manumission13
my vote goes to drive image 5 :slight_smile:

I’ll second that vote.

nah norton rocks.

why is drive image so much better ?

list 1000 reasons ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Norton Ghost 2002 or Corporate 7.5 are the Best.

I have not been able to get Ghost 2003 to assign my Hard Drive at all on XP Pro! I have reinstalled 3 times! I tried Acronis 7. But it thought my LG DVD-RW was only a CD-RW!!! Man, oh man! I have a 6 gig partition. With my system on it. It is like 2.5 gig in size. I just want to GHOST it. WHY is it SO complicated! =( Any Ideas?? Please I spent hours today, reading, reinstalling etc…