Best program for creating dvd clips?


i am going to start a blog which reviews horror movies from the 70s & 80s and i was interested to find out what the best program to use to rip scenes from the dvd which i will then upload to youtube.

the scenes will be relatively short. anywhere from 30 secs to 10 min. i’m not worried about a $$$…maybe just not over $100!

thanks so much! :smiley:

You can use Dvd Shrink to do that. After that will have to convert them into the right format for YouTube. You really shouldn’t have to spend any money as there are a lot of free tools out there to do what you want, one of which is Super

ok…thanks so much! i forgot to mention that my computer is running vista. i just checked the dvdshrink site and it looks like it will run on it. thanks for such a quick reply! i will try it out when i get home. :smiley:

I thought i would just add this link. It has lot of different tutorials on using Dvd Shrink. I’m glad i could help :).