Best program for converting video files (avi. mp4. mpg.) to dvd format

I am currently using Convert X to DVD, I was wondering if there was another program that produced better quality dvd’s, or that you would recommend.

Sorry if this question has already been asked, I couldn’t find an answer with the search bar.


Depends on why you’re dissatisfied. If your issue is picture quality, then AVStoDVD might be better as it can use HCEnc as the encoder. If you’re having trouble playing the DVDs try using Verbatim media and ImgBurn to burn them. If you want fancier menus, try DVD Styler…Unless we know why you don’t like Convert X, all I can do is offer general suggestions.

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The quality of encoding is related to two basic factors: the quality of source video, and quality of the mpeg encoder.

For what I know convertxtodvd uses a good encoder, but to find the best one you must try some by yourself and check results in your television with your eyes. Some people seems able to spot even very subtle artifacts, whereas other people are not able to notice any difference compared to the original.

However, converting an avi to DVD is causing a quality loss so the best option is to get a standalone player able to read also avi files. In these days is not difficult to find, and prices are not really too high :slight_smile:

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But your input helps, too. Hadn’t considered suggesting a $50 DVD player upgrade.

The DVD player saved me to buy a quadcore CPU :bigsmile:

I would have to suggest DVD Flick. It’s a free program that has support for dozens of different file extensions and codecs. I’ve been really satisfied with the image and sound quality. It’s only downside, and this may be for all DVD burning programs (I’ve never tried any other) is that it takes several hours to convert. It also uses a lot of CPU (unless you set it to encode at a lower speed). However, I’m using an older computer with 2 gigs of ram, so there’s a really good chance that a newer computer would handle it much better. Anyway, I’d give it a try.

Using the original sources would prevent you from converting…

[QUOTE=chef;2488726]Using the original sources would prevent you from converting…[/QUOTE]

Is there a stand alone dvd player that’ll play mp4? Or wmv? My iView can play mpg or avi (although the picture freezes occasionally, especially if it’s on a usb stick).

I’ve had problems with ConvertX, it’s hit or miss. I burnt a bunch of DVDs with DVD Flick, and every one was out of sync, so I had to throw them all out. :frowning: I’ll give this AVStoDVD a shot. If there’s anything better, let me know.

Part of your problem may be the avi files you are starting with. Many use mp3 audio that have variable bitrate encoding (vbr), instead of constant bitrate in the audio. This can cause problems when converting to mpeg2 used in dvd video. AVStoDVD can normally handle these well, but if you run into a sync problem, try converting the vbr audio to cbr in AviDemux before converting to dvd-video in AVStoDVD.

That’s interesting about vbr/cbr mp3 audio in avi. I’ve never had a problem with out of sync with ConvertX (or RealPlayer) so far. My only issue with ConvertX is quality degradation. RealPlayer, which I haven’t used to burn DVDs in over a year, stopped working for me (probably more due to a bad hard drive, rather than the app’s fault), but I may try it again, since it worked fine, except for ugly menus and no personalization. I don’t burn avi to a regular dvd anymore, since my stand alone player plays them from a data disc, but maybe this applies applies to other files (if any have mp3 audio, I don’t know). Thanks for your help!

Real[B]Player[/B], which I haven’t used [B]to burn DVD[/B]s in over a year


@ chef
I’m not really sure what you’re question is. RealPlayer can burn CDs, VCDs, SVCDs, and DVDs. It was the very first one I ever used. I never noticed any loss of quality. I would have kept using it, but it stopped working for me for whatever reason, so I tried several others, eventually finding ConvertXtoDVD.

Wasnt aware that realplayer can do this, but I left it for usage really long ago.
I think tools like Realplayer or itunes create more issues than they could solve ever. :wink:

i prefer VSO’s ConvertXtoDVD 4