Best program for converting avi to dvd

Does anyone know whats the best ones are? With the latest features and whats CSS i head its good etc. Can cost money i will try it and buy, depending if tis good or not. Need the one that gives me the best QUALITY. :stuck_out_tongue: Considering stuff like avi to dvd converter but with all the advertising are they actually good? Couldnt find other thread about this…


CSS is a type of copy protection. a quick google search of “what is CSS” will bring up more detailed information.

nero vision express is an easy avi to dvd converter. i woudn’t say best, but if you already ahve nero it’s a pretty simple solution.

avitodvd is also worth trying as is convertxtodvd

those seem to be the popular ones that i see mentioned a lot. give them a try and see if any suit your needs.

ConvertXToDVD is a great piece of software! use that!