Best proggie?

Hello all, I’m new to the forum and have a couple of quick questions.

First, I have a store bought Madden 2k3 for PC, and I would like to make a backup copy of it. What is the most user friendly proggie that is capable of doing it? I’ve made about 4 or 5 coasters so far using… Adaptec, Nero, CDRwin… I’m getting a bit frustrated

equipment is:

Mitsumi 8x CDRW
Lite-on 48x reader
Windows 98SE
AMD Duron 750
256 MB of ram
Nvidia GEforce MX 440 w/64 mb

Thank you for any pearls of wisdom!!:smiley:

I don’t know which protection is used but try one of the following programs:


Don’t know if your hardware is capable of handling the copy protection used…for that you can check the compatibility list on CloneCD website…links found all over this forum.

ClonyXXL might be helpful in determining the copy protection used…

Ok… I checked it with Clonyxxl and it said Safedisc v2.7… what now?

Depending on your hardware you can make the following type of backups:

*) 1:1 backup, you have a 2-sheep writer (see supported writerlist at the CloneCD page)
*) almost 1:1 backup with AWS
*) emulate backup

CloneCD/Alcohol can do all 3 types of backup, BlindWrite can do only the first 2 types of backup.

Basically, knowing what copy protection is used… how does that help determine which program would work best? I’ve checked my requirements and all are met…

I would use Clone CD; since your mitsumi is not a 2 sheep burner for correct efm encoding i suggest you go for almost 1:1 backup with AWS.

What does “2 sheep burner”’ mean?

It is CloneCD’s rating for the quality of the copy.

Correct EFM-Encoding

(two sheep)= Drive writes regular bit patterns correctly.
(one sheep)= Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly.

  • = Drive does not write regular bit patterns correctly or has not yet been tested. Use “Emulate weak sectors”.

With one “sheep” rating you need to use the AWS setting for better results.


alcohol 120% is a very good option for SD back-ups
it can make aworking back-up with az ero sheep writer.
without the need of emulation like ccd