Best prog to use with DVD Shrink to handle the newer protections?

Okay, so, as everyone knows, DVD Shrink doesn’t handle the newer copy protections. What I was wanting to know is …

What is the best program to use in conjunction with DVD Shrink to handle these newer protections?

Is the “region free” program that people talk about the “DVD Region+CSS Free” at, or some other piece of software?

Anyhow, thanks for any help :slight_smile:

ripit4me or anydvd. the difference is ripit4me is free and is updated when needed and anydvd is 39.00. although both programs are impressive. On anydvd you get updates free whenever there is one too. DVD Region+CSS Free is really outdated too.

Thanks for that, just downloaded RipIt4Me but seems I need DVD Decrypter (which I have installed) plus another program as well. I may have been hoping for too much in simply wanting to be able to use it without needing to do the whole DVD Decrypter thing.

  1. Are all decrypting programs a little “fiddly” when being used in conjunction with DVD Shrink?
  2. Having used AnyDVD before, can it not simply be run in the background for use with DVD Shrink without any other requirements?

Thanks again.

Yes usually it can but anydvd works best with clonedvd2. When it comes to backing up my movies I want the best that works and sometimes other stuff is hit and miss. This is my opinion only.

DVDFab Decrypter version just came out and it ripped my DaVinci code fine. RipIt4Me is still my favorite solution though, and it is also 100% free.

So, I use DVDFab Decrypter and/or the RipIt4Me app to RIP the disk and remove copy protection, then use DVD Shrink to process the thing.

RipIt4Me can be installed over your existing DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink installs and call them directly for you. Like shown in this image:

See? The link to open it in DVD Shrink is right there! That is wicked cool.

So, if money is tight, there is no need to go with payware when you can use freeware.

Thanks for that, BeardedKirklander. :slight_smile:

Not a problem. Glad to help.

I have been finding that for me, breaking the process down into separate tasks helps in the debugging process. If I isolate each step, making each step self-contained if possible, it just seems to go better for me.

For instance, I have two goals. One is to be able to open the disk into a program like DVD Shrink, and the other is to be able to re-author and re-burn to make it watchable without the menus, etc.

Before I would use AnyDVD, which is resident all the time, and open the disk in DVD Shrink (with AnyDVD handling decryption on the fly), go to the re-author mode, make the changes I need, then either export the finished product to a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive, or if I have Nero installed, burning directly from DVD Shrink.

Assuming the latter, that entire process is co-dependent. DVD Shrink depends on AnyDVD to handle the decryption the entire time, for both reading and re-authoring, and DVD Shrink depends on the Nero burning engine to get its job done.

But when things stop working 100%, I try to break things down into individual steps / tasks like this:

Step 1 - Get the DVD decrypted to the hard drive
Step 2 - Open the DVD and process it (backup or re-author)
Step 3 - Save the processed DVD to a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive
Step 4 - Burn that VIDEO_TS folder with a DVD blank

So now, I have 4 different tasks, and instead of relying on a specific program, I now have options.

For example, for Step 1, I could use AnyDVD, DVDFab Decrypter or the RipIt4Me combo. All I need is for one of those options to work so I can move on to Step 2.

So, with Step 1 complete, and the VIDEO_TS folder ripped to the hard drive with all encryption removed, I am ready to process that video. I can use Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, CloneDVD2 or DVD Shrink, for example, to handle that. Then I simply export that finished process to a different VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive. I can even use DVD MovieFactory 5 to create a DVD output that is larger than a single sided blank can handle, then use DVD Shrink to compress that project so it will fit on a single sided blank.

For Step 4, I could use the built-in burning engine from DVD MovieFactory 5, or I could use the DVD Shrink / Nero connection to burn from there, or I could use Nero to burn the VIDEO_TS folder as a separate process, or I could use ImgBurn instead.

Breaking it all down into its constituent parts gives me more options. If one app craps out, I can use another - no “domino effect” of cascading failures. If for one revision AnyDVD has trouble with DVD Shrink, I use something else until it’s fixed.

It’s good to have options. :slight_smile: