Best prog. for DVD file archiver

I bought USB 2.0 DVD burner that came with Easy CD/DVD Creator 6. My
primary use is to archive files and directories from my Windows 2000 OS
drives. When copying to DVD+R with CD Creator or DVD+RW with
Drag-To-Disk (using UDF protocol) there are occasional quirk messages
like “file name too long” or “directory depth greater than 8”. I
thought latest UDF standard had no practical such limits. These quirks
are annoying, some stopping the burning action and requiring me to
correct the source. I need no backwards compatibility - will use only
with WIN-2K, WIN-XP and newer Windows OS’s.

Is there a better DVD burner program for my application? I don’t need
bloat like Video or audio stuff or skins or label making. Just a lean
and accurate file system DVD burner and reader. A “Windows Explorer”
interface would be fine.

Thanks, Barry.