Best prog for burning audio 80 min 1:1

What is the best program to burn an audio cd (1 on 1), which contains 80 min. Clone CD? CDRWin? Nero? Adaptec Easy cd creator?

Tell me, flappie

CloneCD is a very good program to burn 80 min cd’s, but you can’t give (as an example) the CD a name’
NERO can do that and is also s very good program to copy 80 min cd’s.
CDRWin is still a good program but sometimes it works a little wierd with me.
EASY CD CREATOR, don’t try it. I’ve got it to, but only to make backup cd’s.

If it was up to me i would make a choice between CloneCD and NERO.
If you just want to copy a CD real fast you use CloneCD, do you want to go a little ferther then it’s better to use NERO.

It is up to you.

Thnx snowie. I’ll use CloneCD.