Best professional LCD moniter 29" to 35" !?


i have SAMSUNG 1100P 21" CRT moniter and i am happy with it. but it’s soo huge and take space. i want to upgrade to LCD moniter with bigger size.

i want LCD moniter it should be professional and work perfect with games , high speed motion and HD ready.

i guess it need higher Contrast Ratio and Response Time .

the size i would like to have is between 29" to 35" or something close to it. the budget is 2200 to 2500 dollar i might rais it if its worth it.

at the moment all i can see is the DELL 3007WFP

if there is better specially for games and i dont want it to be dark just to be normal like my SAMSUNG CRT.

any help would be appreciated.

thanks. :iagree:

I’ve found this for you (though it’s only 24" but the responce time is great for games)!

For games you gonna need a screen with a low responce time (I mean like 8ms) but not too low. The newest 4ms screen is said to be not that good in graphics for games (I’ve been told this by a guy who works at a computer shop but I didn’t see a screen like that)!

Good luck for your screen!

I posted something about the 30-inch 25601600 LCD monitor some weeks ago. In South Korea, such monitors are very popular right now among us hardware enthusiasts. LG.Philips LCD, same panel used in Apple’s 30 inch. Small brand name 30-inch of the same panel sells some models for under US$1,500 in South Korea. I’ve been considering, but haven’t decided because I except the retail price to drop to under US$1,000 anytime inside this year. In China, they say 47-inch LCD TV (of much lower resolution though) costs about US$1,200. Prices are falling rapidly because LG.Philips, Samsung, Sharp, and the others, especially the BIG 3, are starting productions in their newest 7G and 8G lines. For the mass consumers, 30 inch of 25601600 resolution is yet too early. 20 inch of 16001200 is a lot more appropriate because such a monitor now costs only US$300 or so. 2 of them = US$600 and 32001200. 4 of them = US$1,200 and 3200*2400. :slight_smile:

thanks taru and kenshin.

30-inch 25601600 LCD monitor prices are now around US$1,000 in South Korea. Dell 2407 24-inch (19201200) costs about US$850 in South Korea and much less than that in Japan.

Now for about US$750.

Matsushita is soon to sell 103-inch plasma display for about US$70,000.

I will take 2 right away LOL.

The Matsushita plasma? :iagree: (US$140,000?)

There is no need to go for 32-35" monitors at all.

30-inch 2560*1600 LCD monitor prices are now around US$1,000.

Dell 2407 24-inch (1920*1200) costs about US$850 and much less than that in Japan.

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