Best printer to use on memorex cd lables

Hi i would like to know what would be a good printer to print these that has ez to refill inkcarts? I use HP deskjets but waste half my dam lables cause when it pulls the paper through it hangs up sometimes on god knows what then it starts print at top of the page instated of around the cd lable like it should. I have had this problem the past 3-4 years with countless hp printers :a it seems to be a problem for all hp bottom loading printers and i havent tried any other brand printer cause i dont know how hard it is to refill the ink which is very ez to do with the hp so if any one here has any recommendations plz post them thanks

Don’t use labels :frowning:

Buy inkjet printable CDs/DVDs instead :slight_smile:

Dont have a printer that can print onto the label also arn’t u limted on inkjet printable media brand. Like i use verbitums and sony media

Run a search on “printing on labels” in this forum and report back your findings :slight_smile:

So your saying u can print on cds/dvds like these?

And what are the printing tops on these made of? are they like matt or something also is there any pictures of some one who printed on there dvd so i can see how it looks.

And last what printer would u suggest to do this with?

I have a Canon PIMXA iP4200 ink jet colour printer that has a separate tray for CDs/DVDs