Best printer to get used with the lowest cost per disk?

Hey guys I started a cd business a few months ago. I built a 10 disk duplicator which is working great and I managed to snag a used Bravo II Autoprinter from ebay and it has done pretty well by me so far but I mainly restrict my clients to black and white text/design. Because full disk color just eats up ink like crazy. So as my business is picking up im looking into getting a new printer that I can offer full disk color with but still keeping my prices really low.

In a perfect world Id get the Microboards PF-Pro but im looking to buy used and much cheaper. I have come across a relatively cheap Rimage DL5200 with Everest II inside but im not really familiar with thermal I tried doing the math with all the ribbons and it still seems to be a bit more expensive then just buying like 3-4 ink cartridges. I have already started refilling the ink myself on the bravo and im trying to locate a CISS I can use with the bravo with not much luck.

Was wondering if there were any tips or ideas you guys had to point me in a better direction.

Also can anyone tell me if I end up going the Rimage DL5200 route can I bypass the burners on this and just print the disks with autoloading? My 10 drive duplicator cranks out disks plenty fast so im just looking for an autoloading printer solution.

Maybe a 800 series Epson Artisan with a CISS system?