Best printer to buy with ciss?

i have the ip4600 printer for cd prints and im not very satisfied with her
i want to buy a new printer just for cd prints (100 for a day)
for max 1000$ with ciss
plz help me im stuck here

You’re looking for production type printing hardware which we do not deal with here very much. There are printer groups at GoogleGroups and elsewhere that deal with these topics daily. Here’s a sampling of available systems:

They all use standard inkjet cartridges, so if you want one that can accept CISS you will need to do your own research to find that out. Various models and brands use HP, Epson and Lexmark printer engines.

If you want to go the cheaper route, find an Epson R2xx or Artisan-50 model.

I would like to buy a new printer with CISS.

I would love to buy the printer with CISS already installed, but I am afraid of getting Non-ARC chips.

If I have to buy the Printer and CISS separately, I will, but I must have ARC chips. Does anybody know of any CISS sellers that guarantee ARC chips?

Thanks from new member. Sorry if I have this at the wrong thread. I couldn’t find a place to start a new one about CISS.