Best Printer/ Scanner All in One with CD/DVD Print Support

Are there any printers that can print directly on cd/dvds and have a feature of being able to scan pictures into the computer automatically? The autoloading type I think it’s called. Thanks.

Okay here is an all in one that will scan and print CD/DVD’s

here is another one but it is out of stock at the moment

Any printers that can print directly on cd/dvds and have a feature of being able to scan pictures into the computer automatically?

Having the scanner built-in with the printer & DVD capability is what I wanted also. I went to a CompUSA store and caught 2 Factory Rep’s from both Epson and Canon - on the same day!

Here is the lowdown. Epson got a [B]USA Patent [/B]on their CD/DVD loading tray. You’ll only find the built-in tray on Epson printers unless you buy something outside the USA. Canon’s rep did suggest you could monkey around with the Canon and “rig” the printer somehow to handle CD/DVD …

But clearly Epson has been the only machine with the CD/DVD loading tray built-in. Now it appears HP is advertising a printer with the “capability” for CD/DVD printing but I’ve not yet seen a demo.

I bought the Stylus Photo RX700 which was their newest, best, [B]All-In-One [/B]mid 2006. It’s OK but remember the other issue … ALL of the Epson multifunctions use dye based ink. I think my RX700 one of the first to use 6 cartridges. The big downside is, dye ink will smear with a wet finger!

Now they offer the RX595/ RX680. Having the scanner built-in is real convenient. You can scan a DVD, edit in Photoshop, then use the Epson Print-CD software to center the image directly onto a printable blank DVD… slide in the tray and bingo. Nicely printed.

However “professional” DVD printing does not use dye ink - it’s pigment based. Like the expensive Primera duplicating machines use… For the best quality, you’ll have to step up to Epson’s [B]R800[/B] which uses the Ultrachrome ink. And buy a separate scanner. :cool:

I have a HP d5160 printer which prints on to dvd. It is a hp d5160 and I believe that hp has other models that also prints on to cd’s and dvd’s. The d5160 is very easy to use and it does a good job. The labels look like the original. razzel

I purchased a Canon MP970 which is an all-in-one. Due to EPSONS patent you have to purchase the tray from an aftermarket supplier. I went to e-bay and typed in “canon mp970” and bingo several suppliers pop-up mine cost a little over $20.00 but came with instructions as to how to install. I have scanned a disk-to-disk and have created my own designs. Both worked fine once I changed the printer’s firmware prom and uninstalled, then re-installed the printer. Canon will probably give you the best results and is cost effective

Best one will be HP Photosmart C5280 :clap:

I really like the Epson RX 680, so far not a single problem, nice all in one solution.

I would never purchase a all in one printer again. The problem is with all in one printers is if one goes bad then you have a printer that does not do all the things you need. I would buy a scanner and then a printer that prints on dvds.

[QUOTE=samlar;2031187]I would never purchase a all in one printer again.[/QUOTE]

I would. I have a Lexmark AIO (which doesn’t print to CD/DVD, I also have an Epson R265 for that), that’s lasted me ages and I’d definitely buy another.