Best Printable DVD to Print in Inkjet

Hi guys.

I have a question to all.
I have printed several CDs or DVDs with inkjet printer and some work very good and others a crap.

The question to all of you is:
What is the best brand of Printable DVD to print in inkjet printer?

  • Dvd Ridata -R 8x -Full Face White Printable
  • Dvd Ridisc -R 8x White Full Face Printable
  • DVD-R Rivision Printable 16x White Full
  • DVD-R 4,7 GB Mirror 8x Speed fullprintable

This are some of the most cheaps that i see.
Do you recommend a good brand but cheaper too?

Can anyone say where can i get cheaper Printable CD, DVD and DVD Box’s in Europe?


Oh lord please stay away from ritek.

Ever tried verbatim? They are really good. Taiyo Yuden are also great. I’m sure their printable discs print well. You can buy the expensive glossy versions of those discs if you want. I think those look nice for printing.

I second [B]cd pirate[/B].
You should look for high quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, both aren’t really expensive anymore.

All these brands that you mentioned aren’t really good, Ridata 8x DVD-R is RITEK G05 (degradation issues), Ridisc and Rivision are E-net brands (RITEK G05 or CMC MAG. AE1, can be low quality) and Mirror has become famous for selling Hong Kong media with fake media codes.

Happy burning! :slight_smile: