Best Printable DVD-R 4X for Old Dvd Players

Who makes the best inkjet printable DVD-R blanks
that will work on old dvd players? I have to make
DVD’s for about 30 people, and need a blank DVD-R
that will work in the majority of players.
I may purchase ONES.

Also whats the difference between HUB and NOHUB printable disk?

My Setup…

LG GSA-4040B A304
Ulead Factory Studio 6
Nero 6
Win2k Server Sp4, PIII Dual 1.0ghz


You could try a printable DVD-R sampler pack from supermediastore or rima.

I’ve gone through well over 1000 BeAll 4x hub printables from Meritline. I haven’t heard any complaints from customers about them, and I did with brands I used before that (Ritek G03’s at the time).

Hub printable means that you can print essentially up the the spindle hole, or about a 20mm gap. Non hub printable means you’ve got a mirror/clear plastic band around the hole that is not printable, or about a 46mm gap.

I just checked Meritline, for the BeAll 4x. They are out of stock! Any other sites that carry this brand thats of good quality?



Well, barring that you can try TY DVD-R 4x, inkjet printable (but not hub printable). has 100-packs for $79, and 50 packs for $45. Meritline has the silver inkjet printable BeAll in stock, though I’ve found that you can see the mirror band underneath the silver printable types, which doesn’t look very good. carries the 4x Ink Jet Printable Taiyo Yuden discs as well. IMHO they offer better customer service than meritline.

rima = accaproducts. Same street address, same fax number, same prices. I have to wonder why they do that. I would agree that Meritline’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

If you are looking for maximum playability/compatibility go for TY. I would’ve recommended Ridata G04’s, too, if this was a year ago and their QA department hadn’t dropped off the face of the planet…

Anyways, I have tried BeAll 4X DVD-R Silver Hub Printable (from Meritline) @ 4X on a Pioneer 106D, and have found them to play well on all my standalones (Philips 642, Philips 711, Daewoo 3000N). Only my Matshita DVD-ROM wasn’t able to recognize the discs. (But it will recognize TY and Ritek DVD-R, go figure). Printing on these was okay, but as mentioned earlier, there is a noticeable mirror band…so I would recommend the white instead of silver surface.

I have printed some Prodisc white ijp and the result is great, really great.
Does anybody has experience with TY white ijp? I have heard that these do not produce high quality print. Is it true?

What dvd recording software are you using?


Prassi PrimoDVD 2.0, which is the software the controls my Primera Bravo duplicator/printer.