Best print on cd printer: looking for a printer that prints on cds!



I’m looking for the best print on cd printer, a printer that prints on cds. My old HP printer broke down the other day, so now I want to buy a print on cd printer. I want to print an occassional Word document with text and some graphs.

Do you know what’s the best print on cd printer, so a printer that prints on cds but still has acceptable document quality?


If you are in the U.S. this is a good deal


Epson Artisan 50 Single Function Ink Jet = $99 USD


The Artisan 700 is available refurbished for only $79.99/shipped . Artisan 800 is there too in the clearance section if you want to add faxing for a little more money.
The main difference between the 50 and 700/800 line re dvd printing is that the 700/800 arties have a built-in print tray that handles Watershield printables without leaving any roller marks, as some printers do. If you’re getting into dvd printing, having a printer that handles glossies well is a BIG plus. My Artisan 800 has been a great disc printer. Blazing fast document printer with very good quality. Excellent scanner, too. You’ll be amazed at how good your discs can look. Wish I could be there to see your face when your first watershield comes out :bigsmile:.
One warning. Please investigate purchasing refillable cartridges or CISS for your new printer right away. OEM print cartridges can bankrupt you if you start enjoying printing discs as much as you are likely to.


Have used an Epson R800 and also a HP C5380 which both print to CD/DVD’s.

By far the best in my opinion is the Epson


Another vote for the Epson. Does an excellent job and their ink is water and smear resistant. Most serious photographers prefer Epson printers as well.


I have both the R200 and the R800 and they both do disks very nicely though I think the ink type in the 800 is a bit pickier about getting the color and intensity just right.
I highly recommend at least good quality compatible cartridges as well as the first set for my R200 cost more then the printer did after my rebate came back:doh:They of course now count on this and try to make the carts smaller, and using other non OEM carts harder so they can make the extra profit on their overpriced ink.