Best price/performance 37-42" HDTV?

I am looking to buy a new TV soon, and I would love to hear what models you guys love right now.

I am on a budget: would like to spend no more than about $1,000. Within this budget, I want the best picture quality and reliability that I can get.

I have a medium-small living room, so am guessing that a TV of somewhere around 37" (but no more than 42") should be right.

It looks like LCDs have totally taken over this segment of the market, right? Do you guys think that their picture quality is good enough now? LCDs have always been lighter and less power hungry, which is also a consideration.

A quick websearch indicates that these models might suit my needs:
Samsung LN37A550P
Sony KDL-37XBR6
Please point out which of the 2 above you like better, or some other model that is just as good but cheaper.

Samsung tends to give the most bang for the buck. With these smaller screen sizes, HD content will look much the same on any of them. The real differences will be with SD content. Suggest you look at each and decide which has the best video processing on SD content. Only your eyes can tell you that.

What CDan is pointing out holds true. If you have narrowed it down to these two, definitely take a look at how they handle SD content. Remember that it is SD content and it will not look as good. This is not the TV’s fault but rather the source of input. The differences will be more noticeable the larger you go in terms of size.


Many thanks for your feedback.

Have a look at Sharp Aquos LC37D64U too, I would for sure go with the Sony compared to the Samsung for various reasons. PQ and build quality are two strong arguments.

It really makes no difference what LCD is doing in the market. If you want the best picture and one of the most reliable sets ever made get a Panasonic plasma. Panasonic plasmas just keep on getting better and better (and cheaper) every year. Lag free motion, inky, detailed blacks and contrast results in an image with outstanding richness and depth. These are some of the things that set them apart from LCD.


I purchased a Panasonic TH-42PV80 yesterday altogether with the Panasonic SC-PT860 home cinema system. I have to say that I’m truly blown away by the picture provided by this plasma display. The home cinema is connected to it through HDMI. Normal DVDs look simply beautiful. I have never thought that such quality can be expected from ordinary DVD discs.

I also sometimes connect my laptop (Asus M51S-AS039C) through a DVI-HDMI cable to the plasma and through a optical cable to the cinema system in order to watch BluRay rips of HD movies. I have to say that I can’t really tell the difference between a HD movie and a DVD movie, but that may be just because of the resolution of the display.

I can whole heartedly recommend this display to anyone looking for the best price/performance ratio.

how much was just the tv?

Around 2800PLN, I believe. That’s roughly about $1250.