Best present Firmware for LiteON 851S



Hello folks

Some weeks ago I upgraded my LiteON 851S to 832S using the pached Firmware VS0B. Later on I loaded CG2B and CG3B. Since the last to upgrads I have had problems with bios and XP reporting wrong firmware version :sad:

I have therefore decided to go back to firmware that is correct recognised by bios/XP/Nero etc.

I use Memorex, Verbatim and Sony dvd’s R+ and DVD-RW for backups. Quality is more important than speed to me. I will not be using DL media untill it’s much cheeper than at present !

Therefor : What is the best present firmware for LiteON 851S :confused: ???


Why do you care about what BIOS tells you? It indeed shows VS0B, but the firmware loaded is CG3B (eg.), based on VS0B. KProbe, for example, reports the CG3B. It is only a cosmetic glitch IMHO (or perhaps CodeKing has done it intentionally).


Thanks grizzb, just what I wantet to hear - bios will report CG3B as VS0B because it’s a modified VS0B (?).

I have just burned a disk which was quite good so I thing I use CG3B for a while…


I used every firmware (but the CG3B, just the CG2B) but I 've always had a bad burns and scans (with a verbatim MCC02 I got a crc error… the first in my life after a burn).
So my favourite firmware is the old QS0E



Dude… QS0E is a 52327S firmware…


Regarding whats the best firmware for LiteOn 851S I made a scan of one of the first disk I burned with by 851S. This was done before i upgraded to 832S and the firmware was GS0F. Disregard whats listed in the heading of the scan as this was don when my drive was 851S@832S - just an hour ago. The disk was also Verbatim instead of Sony/Ricoh.

Except for a peek, the result is better than the one I achived with 851S@832S/CG2B. Apart from the DL functionality it might not be worth the effort upgrading form 851S to 832S ???


The BEST 851S firmware for me is GS0K. I’m burning only on RICOHJPNR01 Traxdata and TY (Plextor) both DVD+R. See the scan below made a couple of minutes ago and decide yourself.


Sorry Codeking,
after several bad burns on Memorex disks (MBIBG101 Moser Baer India R03) and Sony DVD-RW I’m back on LDV851S/GS0K. Did not have these problems before I upgraded to 851S@832S. Seems like the modified firmwares like CG3B is optimized for medias like RicohjpnR01 etc and is not tolerant to handle media like Moser Baer etc.

Until DL disk are more reasonable priced I thing I stick to mye LDV 851S.

So long guys !