Best Prassi Burner?

I use EAC to rip tracks from my countless distressed CDs. I then burn WAV files to CD to archive my favorites. I run into filenaming problems, with Title~Artist filenames occasionally exceeding 64 characters. Someone suggested using Prassi-based burning software, since it would permit me to use longer filenames (long Joliet, or extended ISO).

I started chasing down Click N Burn, and found that it was gone. The technology apparently went to Sonic Solutions, in their Record Now! product. In these forums, I saw that a newer product - ONES - might be a newer incarnation of Prassi, but it sounds like the developer is no longer really developing it.

Can anyone recommend a best currently supported Prassi-based software package for burning CDs? And where can I download it?

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

ones works ok with most of my dvd burners the Benq 1640’s and My plextor 716’s work well with the latest version of ones.

In fact the feature i like most is how ones bursts data to the ram buffer as opposed to constantly streaming which means its a lot easier on your hd with the data on.

if you pm me with your e-mail address i can give you details on obtaining prassi