Best powersupply for under $70?

Title says it all. Need a power supply for a non-gaming rig. Care about quietness and power consumption over massive amounts of wattage.

What do you mean by “massive amounts of wattage”? A non-gaming pc should not consume huge amounts of power.

Please list the specifications of the computer you plan on powering so we can better assist you.

Asus M3A78 mobo
AMD 2.6ghz Brisbane
DVD Burner Sata
320gig HD Sata

That’s it. 99% of the time the computer is used for web-surfing, Itunes, and the ocassional game of Call of Duty.

I want a QUIET, reliable power supply with enough cords for future expansions. Under $75

Corsair PSUs are dead silent. You didn’t list a video card. As long as you don’t have a very power hungry videocard a quality 400W-450W unit will be best:

An Antec Earthwatts EA380 will serve you very well. I have used one for quite a while and it has been rock solid and it is also 80 Plus certified so it will save you some electric cost too. Here’s a link: For $35 plus free shipping it is a great deal on a very good power supply.

Those are good PSU’s but with a little more power for future stuff:

PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS500 500W ATX12V, sale ends very soon. Has a 20$ rebate bringing the price to $50 with free shipping.

edit: rebate ends tonight, so jump on it. Just make sure you do it before midnight where the date on your recite would change.

I would rather have a pc power and cooling than an antec if price were not an issue (and or if you don’t mind rebates). Truth be told, I run all antec power supplies though as you can get them quite cheap on sale, most often with out rebates. I got this one
on cyber monday from newegg for 30$, free shipping. While you might not find that good of a deal, depending on when you buy, I have seen them on sale before for 50-60$ with free shipping a few times. Its got 6 molex, 4 sata, 4 and 8 pin 12v and 2 6pin for video. All the wires are sleeved too.

If you are just looking right now and will not be buying right away, keep an eye on micro center, frys and newegg for antec deals (or other deals on newegg too). Sign up for the newegg newsletter too.

If you are in a hurry, I would get the earthwatts (its up to 40$ but free shipping) if you want to go cheap and its big enough, or the pc power and cooling if you dont mind rebates (I hate them) and or need to go larger. Free shipping really sweetens the deal on either of them. Power supply’s are kind of heavy so they tend to be a bit more to ship (maybe 10$ minimum). If you live near a micro center, they have the antec basic 500w for 40$ (it available for shipping but by the time you add shipping costs, its not such a great deal in comparison).