Best Possible Media For LiteOn 851s

Hi, im looking for opinions on the best possible media for my 851s (@ 832s CG3B), so if anybody can make any suggestions or possibly show me a link to a UK site that sells them i’d appreciate it, i can only pay with Visa electron, cheers, im not bothered about speed or + or _ all i want is quality! :stuck_out_tongue:

Taiyo Yuden 8X +R media.

Yup. Those do very well. I also have good luck with RICOHJPN01. 4X that burn at 8X with this drive/FW.

Cheers guys but i cant seem to find any Taiyo Yuden discs here in the UK, do you know any good sites in the Uk that sell Yuden and RICOH?

There are several threads regarding the UK in this forum. Read through or run a Search and you’ll find them.

This is one:

Keep in mind that these are often re-badged as another name. Such as Fuji, which often is actually Tai Yuden.