Best portablia USB stick solution

Hello again. This is my second time when I ask a question . I want to ask you about flash memory . I own a USB flash stick ( ADATA c802 8GB to be exact ) and it is really slow when it comes to copy many small files ( about 0.5 MB/s)
but when it comes to large files ( like video files) its speed is normal (around 15 MB/s) . I heard many USB flash acts similar
1.Can I somehow fix it ? I tryed formating to NTFS , playing with alocation size but I didnt get the efect I need .
2. What other portable media can you sugest ? I need a bootable media which could run ,lets say , a windows instal ; or media thats is capible of reading small files fast .
Im curently thinking about SD card + USB card reader combo (I found out SD card writes small files fast enough , around 3 MB/S ) but i dont know if it will boot from BIOS

Hello Zygis.

  1. No
  2. Well you can try some USB3 drives, you should be able to get good write speeds. Also when it comes to small files, every USB stick that i have tried isnt very fast. Reading should be no problem for a USB drive. Remember that the maximum you can get from a USB2 drive is 30mb/sec read.
  1. You can’t fix it, but sometimes you can improve performance a bit.

Using Device Manager to optimize for performance instead of for quick removal and formatting using NTFS can sometimes help a little.

With some ZIP tools, you can copy many small files into one ZIP/RAR/… archive on the USB stick, which might be significantly faster than copying all the small files directly.

  1. You will probably need to buy a USB stick that is explicitly advertised as a high performance drive, although sometimes you can get lucky with performance of regular USB sticks. I don’t know which specific drives available now will fit the bill.