Best portable CD player?

What would you guys recommend for a high-quality portable CD player? I will be using mostly to listen to the spoken word, not music. My main interest is durability and sound quality rather than fancy features.

It’s probably not what you were looking for, but I’m rather fond of my Philips one. It’s an AX2400 and I didn’t pay much for it. The sound quality is excellent.

Doesn’t play MP3s, but a bonus is that it will play CDRWs.

Thanks for your suggestion. One general concern I have is the ease of the pause/play function. I am currently logging the contents of these CDs which requires me to pause and then play a lot. Originally I was looking for a player with a foot pedal control but that seems not to exist. (There are gads for cassette tapes!)
How easiy is it to pause/play? Is there a remote control? I ask the latter since it’d be very easy to use.
Thanks for your prompt reply!

Hehe, it’s easy enough to pause and play, though there’s no remote. Just a great big pause/play button. :bigsmile:

Hmmmm…it seems to be a European model. Would you know the equivalent model for the US? I can’t find it on Ebay or in any price search except in England.

Rats, I never thought about it being a European model :doh:

I’m not too sure about a US equivalent, but I’ll have a look around tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I’m really surprised that I could get only one recommendation. It’s very disappointing. Do you know of another site/forum that might help me?

I prefer old models as Sony D-555, Philips AZ6819, etc.

Thanks! Where the heck can I buy a D-555. It looks perfect for my needs.

Seems this is the only portable one made anymore. Link for you . Why not just use a voice recorder then burn onto a CD with your computer. It would be alot cheaper, but would be an extra step.
Another site but the same price.

The CDs are already burned. (a few hundred) I’ve got to play them back and log the contents word for word. Perhaps I’m not understanding you.
Could you be more specific?

The Marantz is marketed mainly as a burner.
I only need a unit for playback.

See, i was the one that was confussed. Somehow i got it in my head you were looking for a portable CD recorder. :o I have a older Panasonic portable CD player that has been very good to me. Panasonic are usually rated very high for sound quality with their portable players.