Best Plextor DVD-Rom For Reading CRC Error DVD's

I was wondering if someone could help advise me on the best Plextor DVD-Rom (not burner) drive for reading original DVD-Roms movie disks with Cyclic Redundancy Checks on them.

I have currently a Liteon DVD-Rom and occasionally the DVD movies i am watching have developed Cyclic Redundancy checks on them due to i suspect overuse, So i am hoping to back them up to a health disk so i dont need to rebuy them.

I have bought DVD cleaning kits and on some occasions this helps to get the disk to run through the backup process but on most even with cleaning and cleaning it still brings up the CRC’s in my liteon DVD-rom. (there are no scratches or marks on the disks, they have just developed them out of the thin blue air).

So a few people have said that Plextor DVD Roms are one of the best for error correction reading in DVD-Roms. So if this is the case could someone please recommend me the best DVD-Rom drive for this perpose. The cheaper the better if possible.

Or are there other DVD-Rom drives you would suggest are best for this purpose that a plextor, if so which. (i do not care about CD Error Correction capabilities just DVD-Rom)


I have a PLEXTOR 708A which is PLEXTOR’s first dvd burner. It is the only drive that will read scratched discs and ones that have the cycle redundancy errors. If you could find one off ebay that may work for you. BENQ drives are also good readers for problem discs. What brand of dvd media are you using? Cheap media is usually the culprit in getting cycle redundancy errors.

get a liteon or a benq. I prefer the liteons since I’ve had more success with them (reading scratched discs, before I offend the benq hordes)

The cause of CRC errors on discs are not because of overuse (not directly) but a result of scratches and dirt on the disc or lower quality discs (which degrade quickly over time). If you get a CRC error on a disc then have a look at the read surface of the disc and try to clean it. Then try to read it in your drive and hope for the best. I have experienced this problem myself as well lately and have started to re-burn a lot of discs to Taiyo Yuden media because that media will last a lot longer than 1 year…

Anyway, even though Plextor drives are pretty good at reading damaged discs there is no drive that can read every damaged disc because sometimes they are just too damaged. A possible solution to this problem, in case when the damaged discs is DVD-Video disc and the read error occurs at the end of the disc (which is often the case), is to read the damaged disc in DVD Shrink and then cut off the last part of the video. It’s a last resort but it does work sometimes (I have used this method a couple of times and in those cases I just cut off the ending credits of the movie).

Good luck!